Program Information for Lawyers

The Foundation provides our lawyers with opportunities, training, mentoring, and litigation support funds for court costs and filings associated with their pro bono work.  The Greenville Bar regularly hosts Continuing Education seminars if you would like to get involved in pro bono work but it is outside the scope of your practice area.

The South Carolina Bar has malpractice insurance available to all participating lawyers by completing this form for each case accepted.  This insurance would serve as secondary to any primary insurance coverage that the lawyer may already have.  This enables government, retired and other lawyers to provide services and have malpractice coverage.

We have pro bono opportunities in a wide range of practice areas including:

  • Consumer Issues

  • Disability

  • Family & Juvenile

  • Housing

  • Immigration

  • Military and Veterans Affairs

  • Human Trafficking

If you are a lawyer and would like to provide pro bono services to those in need, you can register on a new website that matches volunteer attorneys with available pro bono cases.